Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man in the Mirror

Im sitting here getting ready for the Xmas Party on Friday and getting ready to talk about the success stories I will be talking about. There are some special people that have dramatically changed their lives this year. They live a happier and healthier life now.
Like the late and great Michael Jackson said, "Just take a look at yourself and make that change." This special group of people did what many others out there are scared to do. They admitted to themselves that what life was at that point in their lives wasn't LIFE. You can look at challenges and quit before you begin them. You can start something but never finish. These people finished....and then some!
I cannot begin to tell you how this makes me feel as a trainer, coach, and friend that helped them get to where they are now. I cant wait to show everyone the before and after pictures after the party. Tune in!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Buff Bride

I got the special opportunity to watch a really great person reach their goals. As she tells me and says on her blog,, that she was "broken" growing up. She had grown up not having a lot in life. But through her parents, she is now a successful and well respected motivational and spiritual speaker.

Bianca Juarez is not like any client I have ever trained. She is very competitive and very TYPE A personality. She comes off strong and sometimes can be intimidating in the gym, so women will judge her as a mean girl or will be envious of her strength. But as a trainer, you love to have a client in front of you that is going to do whatever you tell them to and they if they cannot do 30 push ups in 40 seconds, they will do 30 push ups in 42 seconds! This girl doesn't give up.

One day Bianca challenged me to do one of the hardest workout circuits out there called Cross Fit (workouts that are finished by time and usually a competition to finish the fastest). This workout was so hard that I actually didn't want to start the workout because I didn't want to be too sore from it the next day. But I took on the challenge and started working out with her. Bianca didn't know how hard Cross Fit was but knew it was a hard workout and started before me. I remember looking over at her 30 seconds before the 20 min workout was done and while Bianca was almost done with her arm curls, she started to gag and almost throw up. I was about to rush over to her, but she just stuck with it and finished the final 40 seconds of the workout before going into the bathroom!

As of yesterday, Bianca is now happily married and will not be able to attend my Bootcamp's as often because she is moving in with her husband who lives out of my area. You know that she put in some hard work to look good in her wedding dress. I had the chance to call her the day of her wedding and would you believe it....she was on her way to the gym to get a "last chance workout!"

Congratulation Bianca the Buff Bride!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer weight gain?

So now that summer is coming to a close a you are back on from your vacations, parties, and bbq' much damage did you do to your body? Of course the goal is to relax and have fun while your kids are off school or while you are on your summer break from school, but do you really need to OVER-EAT, OVER-EAT, and UNDER-WORKOUT? Its summer time! This is the time to enjoy the beaches while its warm and be more active in the sun (while using sunblock!).
Why are we ditching our workouts for pigouts? If you are home with your kids, be active! If you are on a vacation like Hawaii or Palm Springs, workout in the morning before the activities and site seeing.
Of course here at Next Level Training in Whittier, CA we get a drop of people working out. As trainers we do like the down time to spend with our families and loved ones. But my wife will tell you, we workout on our vacations. Before we go anywhere, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Palm Springs, we make sure to find out if there is a gym inside the hotel or if there is a park or hiking trail we can do together. Staying active during the vacation is key to keeping off the Summer Weight Gain!
This summer we got to visit relatives in Colorado Springs and got to go the "Incline" hike of 1 mile of stairs in high altitude. While on a trip to Las Vegas my brother in law and I worked out at the gym in the Hard Rock Hotel (which is awesome becasue it's free to get in!).
So there is no excuse to why you should gain weight over the summer time.
Of course we here at Next Level Training welcome you to lose the weight here at our gym in Whittier, Ca! Our Fitness Bootcamps, Zumba dance classes, and world class Personal Training will shed the fat off and tone up your body!
Here are 5 quick fixes to get back in shape for the holiday's:
1. Stop eating BIG portions! -Start your day with a balanced breakfast like oatmeal with banana, and 1 hard boiled egg, while a fruit like apple or orange. Then eat small snacks the rest of your day
2. Hit the weights! - I know its tempting to just do cardio and not lift weights because you do not want to be sore, but weight training will help burn fat and increase your metabolism! Combined with cardio to help lose the water weight, you will see nice lean muscle fast!
3. Find a workout buddy!- Studies a have shown that working out with a friend or family member is a way to stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals. Try joining our fitness bootcamp classes or and workout with a group of motivated individuals that have the same goals as you do!
4. Put down the alcohol- Studies have shown that alcohol consumption inhibits the bodies ability to burn fat by 20%! That means even if you are working out and burning 1000 calories an hour, you are going to be burning off the sugars and carbs in your drink rather than fat!
5. REST-Getting proper rest will help your body recover from your workouts as well as lower cortisol levels (horomone that makes you gain weight) released by your body while under stress or fatigue.

So what are you waiting for? Get to your local gym or park and start getting ready to look good for the holidays! If you are close to our gym here in Whittier, CA contact us at or or call me Joseph Herrera at 714-612-4162!
Have a healthy day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Colorado Springs Workouts

I am in Colorado Springs visiting my wifes relatives who love to workout, but not inside the gym. I am so used to hitting the weights, bands, & fitness toys that I do not get to workout outside. My in laws know that I am a trainer & love to workout so when I came to visit they had planned a specific workout for me....The Incline. The Incline is a mile of stairs located on the side of a mountain 14,110 ft above sea level. Now the Incline is a mile of stairs that change 2,000 ft in elevation! So knowing this was my workout, I tried to use the stair climber in the gym & pay extra attention to step ups & lunges weeks before my trip. But I couldn't train for altitude differencial from flat Orange County to Colorado Springs!!!
So Friday morning was my challenge and I did better than I expected. I didn't break any wold records or beat my in laws time. But I finished the challenge & got praises from family.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


There are so many choices to make when finding the right workout for you. Of course the goals will dictate what kind of program you choose. If you are looking to get bigger and have the bodybuilder look, heavy weight lifting works. If you are looking to get more flexible, yoga or Pilate's might work. But lets face it, most of the people inside a health club or personal training studio want weight loss, muscle toning, and to look skinnier or more fit. So this kind of program could be a lot of things, spin class, running on the treadmill for hours and hours, an aerobic class. Those classes can help, but one will see that the workouts will be the same thing over and over again. This will then make people hit plateau's in their workouts and not yield results.

Now there IS a workout out there that can guarantee all those goals above, (muscle toning, weight loss, strength training, and cardiovascular training) in one class...FITNESS BOOT CAMP!!!
I have been training my bootcamp troop here in La Habra, CA for almost 4 years. I have seen clients come and go in Bootcamp and I see ALL OF THEM get to 1-2-or all those goals above!
Bootcamp is just a hybrid of all different types of training all into one.

There are no rules to the design of a bootcamp class. The bootcamp trainer can do heavy weightlifting, bodyweight training, yoga, and cardio in one class! This will help keep the body off balance and will keep it burning calories through out the workout. If bootcamps are done right, there should be constant calorie burning through out the workout but without making clients throw up and want to never come back again.

Our bootcamp here at Next Level Training in La Habra will test your personal limits during class. There is something about working out in a group setting like our fitness bootcamps that will bring out the competitors in our troopers. They find themselves pushing past limits that seem impossible like push ups or jump squats that they would not do by themselves. This will lead to amazing results and great gains in physical and mental strength!

I have had clients at my La Habra Bootcamp wear Polar Heart Rate Monitors or Body Buggs to my class and have seen an average of 500 calories burned during our 50min class and burn up to more than 200 calories an hour after the class. Burning this amount of calories in a normal workout would have to be done with over 1 hour of running, 1 1/2 hours of heavy weight lifting, or 2 hours of yoga!!!

The rewards of Fitness Bootcamp don't just stop there. There is a sense of family inside bootcamp. The people at our La Habra Bootcamp have a respect for people that go through the same crazy workouts that they do. Before, during, and after the class there are conversations of how sore they are from the last class, or how long have they been coming to Bootcamp. A bond forms with our troopers and we become a family with one common goal, to get fit and healthy!

Fitness Bootcamp is the fastest growing workout out there being done by every trainer in every health club or private gym. Now you know why!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butt Band Workout

Get ready Whittier! The best Bootcamp on the planet is invading Whittier, CA in May. We are moving from our current location in La Habra to our new location off Whittier Blvd and Valley Home soon. So take advantage of our move in special with unlimited Bootcamps for the months on May, June, & July for only $500 ($100 savings based on $200 per month normal rate). We will only be doing this for the first week of May 2010 so take advantage of this special rate! You can contact Next Level Training at or call Joseph at 714-612-4162!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Intense Chest Workout

I had a lot of energy so decided to go nutz on my chest workout today. Here it goes.....
Warm up:
3x 20 push-ups
rotator cuff adduction(outward turn w/ elbows touching body)
pec stretch w/ arm on wall palms up
1) Incline Bench Dumbell press 45-55-65lbs x 15 reps
2) Incline Bench Press 135-185-220lbs x 20-15-10 reps
3) Flat Bench Press 135-220-240lbs x 15-15-10 reps
4) Flat Bench DB Press 55-65-75lbs x 15-15-15 reps
5) Flat Bench Press DB Fly 45-50-55lbs x 15-15-12 reps
6) Dual Cable Chest Fly 50-55-60 lbs x 15-15-15 reps
7) Push ups 100.
Goy IT?!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Summer Training Rush

Its almost time for summer, the heat, the pools, and vacations. So most people should be trying to lose the weight now around 2-3 months away. But sadly, most of the people that want to achieve goal for the summer time will not start until it is summer time or close to that time.
Most will go on some crazy diet or diet pills to get fast results. This is the problem of not improper planning and laziness.
I'm not complaining because most of those people that will call me up to look for quick results. I'm talking about request to lose 10-20lbs in 1 month! The people will then tell me, well the people on the Biggest Loser did it. Yeah, they did it working out 5-6hours a day, no work, & having all the healthiest choices in food everywhere. So yes, they can lose the crazy weight in 1 month or even 1 week. But that is not the reality of the life. We have jobs, kids, and family.
So I am beggin all of you out there wanting to look and feel great fo the summer.....START NOW!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Next Level Bootcamp Proven to burn calories even after workout!

I knew that Bootcamp workouts were crazy & hard & kicked butt. But it was confirmed by our Biggest Loser Winner Edna who wears a device called a (Body Bugg, it tracks your calories burned though out the whole day. It also comes with a Fitness Coach that will help you learn how to use and track workout calories burned. It is a great gift for any fitness buff that wants to know what they are really doing in the gym. Back to my story.....

Well Edna got this body bugg for her birthday and decided to use it for her walking workouts and her bootcamp workouts. She first wore it while doing a walk with her husband Mike and found that she burned 370 calories in 1 hour of walking. Then, Edna wore it to bootcamp and was first shocked to see that she burned the same 370 calories. Edna thought that Bootcamp was supposed to burn more calories than walking. She actually contemplated quitting Bootcamp since she was getting the same calorie burn without paying Next Level Training. But since Edna won the Biggest Loser Challenge, she got to workout 1/2 price this month so decided to wear it another time to Bootcamp and burned 501 calories.

Then Edna called her Body Bugg Fitness Coach to tell her what happened. After reviewing the data, the fitness coach told Edna that during her walking workouts, she burned a total of 370 calories for that hour. But afterwards, her calorie burning capabilities went down since she was not walking anymore. BUT, during her 1st Bootcamp workout even after burning the same amount of calories, 370 calories, her calories burned after the bootcamp kept on a high level HOURS after the workout. So Edna was burning even more calories AFTER her workout!

So remember, nothing is going to do you more good than doing workouts with resistance training. Now combine that with cardio and a good diet....well now you have the MAGIC PILL everyone is looking for to look good and healthy!

Great Job Edna & Body Bugg!

If you want to burn crazy amount of calories and have fun doing it, join us in out Next Level Bootcamps located in La Habra, Ca!

Here is a sample of what we do....


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stacy final video

Here is Stacy working her butt off!

Interview w/ Stacy How she did it!

Check out my interview with Stacy. She talks about how she lost her 50lbs and how she plans to keep it off!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New beginnings...break out of your rutt

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
Do you find yourself in a rut? Do you have the same routine over and over again? Every weekend its the same routine. Every time you go to the gym you workout on the same equipment doing the same workout you have been doing since high school or college? Do you run the same path over and over again because you know how it starts and how it ends? Do you follow the same eating habits that don't help you get to the goals you want in your fitness? Is your routine helping you become a better & healthier tomorrow? When will you decide to change?
We seem to like the same thing over and over again because we know what the outcome will be. A workout on the same machine will make my legs a little, but I wont have to be out of breath after I'm done. The trail I run everyday isn't so hard that I have to stop and re cooperate until my heart rate goes down. I don't want to take that class because I might fail in it.
Why are we afraid of change? When it comes to exercise, a change in your fitness routine might be the solution to see results in your health and fitness. Running a different trail might yeld a harder course, but challeging yourself to run up a steeper hill might help break past a fitness plateu you've been trying to conquer. Doing a bodyweight workout like pushups, pull ups, squats, & lunges instead of lifting weights might force you to use muscles you never knew were there. Eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 big meals a day might make you lose the 5-10 lbs you've been trying to lose.
So my question again, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"