Friday, August 12, 2011

Win an Ipod Contest

Do you have friends that ask you about your workouts? Do you know people that would benefit from working out? Well now we are excited to announce you can win a FREE Ipod *loaded with our famous Bootcamp Mixes by referring a friend or family member!
From now until the end of September, you can win a loaded Ipod by telling friends about us. This is no cost to you to get a Free Ipod. Just tell your friends about our famous Bootcamp or Personal Training program and if they sign up, you will get credit for it.
To win the contest, you must refer the most NEW Bootcampers or Personal Training clients.
So what are you waiting for? Start telling EVERYONE about your favorite Bootcamp or Gym and win your FREE Ipod!
*must have at least 3 referrals to qualify!
Contest starts now and ends September 30Th. Winner will be announced in Bootcamp Saturday October 1st! (MAKE SURE YOUR REFERAL TELLS US WHO SENDS THEM SO YOU CAN GET CREDIT FOR IT!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

W.O.D. Monday Aug 8

*Do 100 repetitions of each exercise for time.
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Box Jumps 24'
Tricep Dips

Time to beat: 17:24
Rudy's time: 33:30
*this was Rudy after his workout....either about to throw up or saying "Thank YOU" to the LORD!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Giving up.
When the going gets tough.....STOP
Never trying to see what you CAN do
"Why even bother" is repeated in the head
I can't, I can't, I can't.......this is too hard
The opposite of Lance Armstrong winning 7 years in a row after cancer
The opposite of playing with a stomach virus in the NBA Finals game #Michael Jordan
The reason why you are not happy with yourself
The reason why you are not a role model

Suck it up
Never give up
No Ka Oi
Take it to the Next Level

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Richard Villa's CrossFit Workout

I wanted to challenge my good friend Richard Villa ( to a great workout called CrossFit. The name of the workout is called the Kristi *dont know why they called it that, but oh well. The workout is only 20 min long and can be done as fast or slow as you can. There are only 4 exercises in the workout so one would think it would be easy. Richard comes in and says, "I got it. I got it! Nothing but a peanut!" (quotes from former 8x Mr. Universe Ronnie Coleman)
So with that out of the way, here is the workout:
1. Pull-ups x 10 *lying down on smith machine
2. Push-ups x 10 *body weight
3. Squats on slam ball x 15 *drop 12' from floor
4. Full sit ups on mat x 15 *arms touch shoes

One full round of all these exercises are 1 set. I gave Richard the goal to finish the CrossFit Challenge with 12 sets. He finished with 11 but gave a very gutsy performance. Good job Richard!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gladiator Workout

Gladiator Workout Wed, March 15, 2011
First Set:
1. TRX Row x 25
2. Jump Rope with 5lb heavy rope x 30 revolutions
3. BOSU burpee's x 10
4. Kettle Bell Swings (35lbs) x 20
5. Hanging Leg Lifts x 25

Second Set:
1. 4 Laps around building = .5 miles
2. Horizontal Pullups (Smith Machine) x 15
3. TRX Knee Tucks x 25
4. Jump Squats x 20
5. Heavy Rope Slams x 30

Third Set:
1. 4 x 25 yard sprints
2. Split Jumps x 20
3. TRX Atomic Push Ups x 20
4. Standing Shoulder Press (45lbs bar) *forward & back x 20
5. Hanging Leg Raises on Roman Chair x 30

Joseph Herrera
Next Level Training