Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man in the Mirror

Im sitting here getting ready for the Xmas Party on Friday and getting ready to talk about the success stories I will be talking about. There are some special people that have dramatically changed their lives this year. They live a happier and healthier life now.
Like the late and great Michael Jackson said, "Just take a look at yourself and make that change." This special group of people did what many others out there are scared to do. They admitted to themselves that what life was at that point in their lives wasn't LIFE. You can look at challenges and quit before you begin them. You can start something but never finish. These people finished....and then some!
I cannot begin to tell you how this makes me feel as a trainer, coach, and friend that helped them get to where they are now. I cant wait to show everyone the before and after pictures after the party. Tune in!