Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got Shoes?

So most people know that I have a fasination on atheletic shoes. It all started when I was young and got my first pair of Air Jordans with my own money. First it started off with only basketball shoes, but then running or training shoes came into play. Then the addiction started!

Now I can say that I dont know how many pairs of shoes I own, but I do know that my love for shoes or "kicks" is very theraputic to me. I often find myself looking at all different types of shoes from basketball, training, and recently running shoes. I have used my knowledge of shoes to help my fitness training client pick the right shoe for them. Or I will educate them upon the importance of having the right shoe for their workouts.

If I have a new client, one of the first things I look at are their shoes. If they have the same pair they have had the past 10 years, I usually tell them that it would be in their best interest to invest in a good pair of shoes for their workouts with me and when they workout by themselves. Your walking or running pattern or if you do or dont have an arch on your foot can determine what kind of shoe you will need. I have no arch on my foot, so I am labeled as an "overpronator". Some other feet with high arches will be in different shoes than me. Of course the right shoes for you might run you some $, but think about how much time you spend on your feet. It will be worth it in the end of the day when your feet do not hurt from the wrong pair of shoes.

There are some great companies out there that will help you pick out the right shoe for your workouts.
1. Road Runner Spots, www.roadrunnersports.com
2. Snails Pace, www.runasnailspace.com
*these companies can be visited
Some websites great for buying shoes for a great price are:
1. Zappos.com
2. Ebay.com

So I hope the next time you workout, you have the right pair of KICKS!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My decision "Power or Cardio?"

So I have a problem. I am training for the 10K O.C. Mudd Run July 18th. So I am obviously training by running, but by doing that, I see that I am losing strength during my workouts in the gym with weights. Today I had a hard time benching 135lbs x 15 times when I usually do that for my first set then go up to 185lbs/215/265lbs!!!! So today doing only 135lbs on bench made me feel.....normal. I take pride in my bench press. =(
The problem is that when I lift too heavy, my running gets harder cause I feel too tight and have a hard time running. See when I run, I like to feel loose and relaxed. But being tight from lifting weights ruins my runs I cant stand having pain from sore muscles and have sore legs while running.
But I know that I have to keep training for my runs, but have to find a balance in keeping my strength. I will have to get push ups in after my runs and do pull ups as long as I am in the gym where they have pull ups bars.
So I guess I have to just forget about being the one that puts a lot of weights on the bench press. I have to just run, stay with light weights, kick ass July 18th, and get back to the bench press after the run.......here we go!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10K that shocked me.

Well today I had some clients cancel in the morning, so I decided to go for a run outside instead of going to the gym to run on the treadmill. I just ran yesterday 3 miles, but it was a hard 3 miles to get in. See, I ran inside the gym and it was hot and stuffy in there. I wanted to run 4 miles yesterday, but just couldnt stand the running conditions. It made me feel the burn in my legs more than I should have. So I dediced to run around my neighborhood this morning.
The weather was perfect to run in today. It was 65-70 degrees with overcast for most of my run today. I ran towards my old high school Savanna High School, then ran towards my old elementary school. Running past the highs school and elementary school was fun. I got to remenice of my times there. It also helped me forget about the pain in my legs from my running.
I got to run to my uncle's house to get some water since the park that I thought had a working water fountain didnt have one! =( After I got some water I visited my mom at her work at CVS Pharmacy. I stood outside her drive through window since I was sweaty and didnt wanna go inside. She called me crazy and then I was off.
After it was all said and done, I had ran 6.6 miles which is equivalent to a 10K run! This is the same distance I will have to run July 18th for the O.C. Mudd Run. I am ready!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Running!!!

Well after about a month off of running, I am back at it again. I have the O.C. Mudd Run on July 18th and I am doing a 10K with my friends and family. So of course, I have to set a good example for all those who followed me through my running spurt in the beginning of the year.

Here is how I am going to start back up again:

1. Foam Roll:

Any kind of exercise for your legs or lack of exercise can make you develop knots on your legs. These are tight spots or trigger points in your muscle that can inhibit your muscles ability to stretch out to the fullest. What can happen is you start to feel like your muscles are tight and cannot fully can a good stride when running. Knots can also give you bad form when running.

Using a foam roller can help you by pressing up against these knots on your legs from your upper legs to the calves. The foam rollers are not expensive, around $20-$40 for a good foam roller is what I recommend.

2. Legs, Balance, & Core

Now that your legs are free of knots, or what I call JUNK, you can start to strengthen your legs for the running you are about to do. I do not recommend using heavy weights when you do your legs or even your upper body. If you notice, runners dont hold too much muscle mass. Extra weight on your body will mean more weight your knees and joints will have to carry. So doing exercises like lunges ( all different directions), bench step ups, single leg deadlifts, and calf raises using body weight, are good for your legs.

Doing balance exercises on one leg is also key because when you run, you are using one leg at a time in your stride. So getting your balancing muscles tuned up is key. I would recommend doing standing exercises like standing arm curls or shoulder presses using one leg to balance on.

Your CORE or the area from your chest down to your hips (abs, lower back, hips, glutes) is key to strengthen for running. When you fatigue during running, your body will bend side to side or even slump forward. This will bring unwanted stress to your lower back, hips, and knees. So doing exercises like planks (front and side) can help keep your running posture in check through out the miles you log in.

3. Eat and Refuel:

Proper nutrition is key to a good run. Getting the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats will dictate how your runs will go. I recommend getting carbohydrates in early before your run. Choose food that is easy to digest like bananas, a slice of bread with peanut butter, or yogurt.
While running, you will be using up a lot of calories and using up a lof of fuel during your run. After an hour of running your muscle glycogen, fuel for your muscles, can run low. This will be the point where you might start to feel real tired or faint, so refueling at this point of your run is very important. This could mean the difference of stopping the run in 2 minute or continuing the run for another 4-5 miles. I would recommend using gel packs like Goo Packs or Sport Fuel. They are liquid gel packs that can be eaten without having to feel full afterwards because they get absorbed in your body fast.


I am not gonna lie, starting back up is going to suck. I will be in pain. I will not be able to sit still because my legs hurt, my feet have blisters, and I am tired. But I promise you, I will not quit running. Once you commit to a goal, stick to it. I am a fitness professional, one of the best you will find around, and I am telling you it is hard for me too.
I weigh 215lbs and I am only 5'9. Gravity and previous injuries are against me. I have a beautiful 9 month old son that wakes me up in the middle of the night 2-3 times. I have to wake up at 430am to train people. I suffered a tored calf muscle and have a bad hip. But I am not going to give up running. I will get back into running. If I give up now, I will keep giving up when things get hard. So I will have to suck it up and NEVER GIVE UP.

So good luck on your journey to running. Good luck in what ever you put your mind into!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Call or text me at 714-612-4162 if u need to know which exercises are best to train together. Have a healthy day!
Getting your exercises done with in 30 min doesn't mean to get in 3 exercises & ur out! It means to workout 2-3 bodyparts at 1 time. Do this 3 times & ur good!
Swimming at an indoor pool or at home pool is a great way to get cardio and not put stress on your body. (not to mention getting a tan if your outside)
Its hot out there troop! I find that the best way to get exercise and not pass out is to hydrate urself all day, swim in the pool, or do exercises within 30min.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1000 calorie workout

I just got done working out at the gym for a little over an hour and my heart rate monitor read that I had burned 915 calories! I could not believe it. I just got into a zone in the gym. I dont know about you, but buring that many calories is awesome for me. 1,000 calories is equivalent to eating a 12 inch Turkey sandwich at Subway or eating 2 slices of pizza!

I know that it may seem like it would take forever for you to burn that many calories in 1 workout, but you have to remember some rules to follow to reach this level.


you must have some kind of way to monitor how many calories you are burning during a workout. I have a polar heart rate monitor that I use with a chest strap. you dont have to buy anything expensive, just something that helps keep track of your heart rate while working out and also gives you calories burned.


i know it is easy to relax after doing a set of push ups or some lunges. but in order to burn the maximum amout of calories in the gym without staying there until it closes, you must keep moving. so doing "super sets-2 to 3 different exercises during on set of workouts" is key. for example: push ups, lunges, planks.

#3-Speed Kills-

I find that doing exercise in a fast manner helps me feel more like an athlete and gets my competitive insticts out of me. Now i am not saying bench press 300lbs as fast as you can. but try to do exercises that will challenge you do go fast and burn out, without harming yourself. for example: push ups, body weight squats, step ups on a bench.

#4-Look around-

when i look around the gym and see guys counting reps of 3-4 or chatting on the phone or talking to a girl, it motivates me to burn more calories than them. while they are resting, i am busting my ass to do the next set. i find that my heart rate doesnt drop too low and i keep my body temperature high so i can keep buring more calories.


Even after a crazy hard workout like that, i still have to will myself to do some type of cardio. you will see that the elliptical or treadmill that usually is easy for you might be harder since you have at this point used up all your energy and energy reserves. thus, you will work harder on the cardio machine and burn more calories.