Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Next Level Bootcamp Proven to burn calories even after workout!

I knew that Bootcamp workouts were crazy & hard & kicked butt. But it was confirmed by our Biggest Loser Winner Edna who wears a device called a (Body Bugg, it tracks your calories burned though out the whole day. It also comes with a Fitness Coach that will help you learn how to use and track workout calories burned. It is a great gift for any fitness buff that wants to know what they are really doing in the gym. Back to my story.....

Well Edna got this body bugg for her birthday and decided to use it for her walking workouts and her bootcamp workouts. She first wore it while doing a walk with her husband Mike and found that she burned 370 calories in 1 hour of walking. Then, Edna wore it to bootcamp and was first shocked to see that she burned the same 370 calories. Edna thought that Bootcamp was supposed to burn more calories than walking. She actually contemplated quitting Bootcamp since she was getting the same calorie burn without paying Next Level Training. But since Edna won the Biggest Loser Challenge, she got to workout 1/2 price this month so decided to wear it another time to Bootcamp and burned 501 calories.

Then Edna called her Body Bugg Fitness Coach to tell her what happened. After reviewing the data, the fitness coach told Edna that during her walking workouts, she burned a total of 370 calories for that hour. But afterwards, her calorie burning capabilities went down since she was not walking anymore. BUT, during her 1st Bootcamp workout even after burning the same amount of calories, 370 calories, her calories burned after the bootcamp kept on a high level HOURS after the workout. So Edna was burning even more calories AFTER her workout!

So remember, nothing is going to do you more good than doing workouts with resistance training. Now combine that with cardio and a good diet....well now you have the MAGIC PILL everyone is looking for to look good and healthy!

Great Job Edna & Body Bugg!

If you want to burn crazy amount of calories and have fun doing it, join us in out Next Level Bootcamps located in La Habra, Ca!

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