Sunday, May 30, 2010

Colorado Springs Workouts

I am in Colorado Springs visiting my wifes relatives who love to workout, but not inside the gym. I am so used to hitting the weights, bands, & fitness toys that I do not get to workout outside. My in laws know that I am a trainer & love to workout so when I came to visit they had planned a specific workout for me....The Incline. The Incline is a mile of stairs located on the side of a mountain 14,110 ft above sea level. Now the Incline is a mile of stairs that change 2,000 ft in elevation! So knowing this was my workout, I tried to use the stair climber in the gym & pay extra attention to step ups & lunges weeks before my trip. But I couldn't train for altitude differencial from flat Orange County to Colorado Springs!!!
So Friday morning was my challenge and I did better than I expected. I didn't break any wold records or beat my in laws time. But I finished the challenge & got praises from family.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


There are so many choices to make when finding the right workout for you. Of course the goals will dictate what kind of program you choose. If you are looking to get bigger and have the bodybuilder look, heavy weight lifting works. If you are looking to get more flexible, yoga or Pilate's might work. But lets face it, most of the people inside a health club or personal training studio want weight loss, muscle toning, and to look skinnier or more fit. So this kind of program could be a lot of things, spin class, running on the treadmill for hours and hours, an aerobic class. Those classes can help, but one will see that the workouts will be the same thing over and over again. This will then make people hit plateau's in their workouts and not yield results.

Now there IS a workout out there that can guarantee all those goals above, (muscle toning, weight loss, strength training, and cardiovascular training) in one class...FITNESS BOOT CAMP!!!
I have been training my bootcamp troop here in La Habra, CA for almost 4 years. I have seen clients come and go in Bootcamp and I see ALL OF THEM get to 1-2-or all those goals above!
Bootcamp is just a hybrid of all different types of training all into one.

There are no rules to the design of a bootcamp class. The bootcamp trainer can do heavy weightlifting, bodyweight training, yoga, and cardio in one class! This will help keep the body off balance and will keep it burning calories through out the workout. If bootcamps are done right, there should be constant calorie burning through out the workout but without making clients throw up and want to never come back again.

Our bootcamp here at Next Level Training in La Habra will test your personal limits during class. There is something about working out in a group setting like our fitness bootcamps that will bring out the competitors in our troopers. They find themselves pushing past limits that seem impossible like push ups or jump squats that they would not do by themselves. This will lead to amazing results and great gains in physical and mental strength!

I have had clients at my La Habra Bootcamp wear Polar Heart Rate Monitors or Body Buggs to my class and have seen an average of 500 calories burned during our 50min class and burn up to more than 200 calories an hour after the class. Burning this amount of calories in a normal workout would have to be done with over 1 hour of running, 1 1/2 hours of heavy weight lifting, or 2 hours of yoga!!!

The rewards of Fitness Bootcamp don't just stop there. There is a sense of family inside bootcamp. The people at our La Habra Bootcamp have a respect for people that go through the same crazy workouts that they do. Before, during, and after the class there are conversations of how sore they are from the last class, or how long have they been coming to Bootcamp. A bond forms with our troopers and we become a family with one common goal, to get fit and healthy!

Fitness Bootcamp is the fastest growing workout out there being done by every trainer in every health club or private gym. Now you know why!!!