Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Next Level Circuit Training Workout

Hey everyone. Here is a great workout that I designed for a client and wanted to share it with you. Call or email me if you have any questions on how to do the exercises.

Tools: you will need are a pair of dumbells (8-15lbs), a workout bench or chair, a stop watch or timer, and an exercise mat (rug will be okay), and an exercise ball.

The exercise mode we will be using is the Tabata principle. This means that the exercise will be done with almost maximal effort for a short time with a small break in between exercises. This could also be called Circuit Training. You can choose to do different levels of intensity. The traditional Tabata is 10 seconds of work/ 20 seconds of rest with maximal effort. But you can do 20 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest with 70-80% maximal effort or even 30 seconds of work to 30 sec of rest with 60-70% effort.
* if you do not have a way of timing, just do 20 repetitions of work, and take little time for rest until your next set

1. Burpee on the floor
2. Dumbell Squat Press
3. Alternating Lunges

Circuit #2:
1. Exercise ball knee tucks
2. Push ups
3. On ball elbow tucks

Circuit #3:
1. Jumping Squats
2. Dips on bench
3. Dumbell Lateral/ Forward Raises

Circuit #4
1. Side to Side Lunges
2. T-Push-ups
3. Exercise Ball Hip Bridges

Circuit #5
1. Push ups with Alternating dumbell rows
2. Bench/chair Split Lunges
3. Leg Lifts with hands under butt

Good luck with the exercises!
Joseph Herrera
Call me if you have any questions! allampt2002@yahoo.com or 714-612-4162.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Time

It's summer time and there is so much to do as far as physical activities. I have gotten into golf lately to find out how good I can get. Usually I would be playing basketball in a league, but due to a torn calf and my beautiful son Logan, I do not have the time to committ to a league.
I know that golf is not considered a sport to many since you have a cart to wheel you around and sometimes beer drinking is involved. But during my last golf game in Palm Springs, I got a workout!
First it was hotter than hell out there so I was constantlly sweating. Then my golf game sucks, so I found myself walking into sand traps or hills to hit my ball. The bending of the knees and upperbody rotation is also exericse. Your body has to move in a direction called the transverse plane to swing down at the little golf ball.
So by the end of 18 holes, I felt like I got a workout!