Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of the hardest 45 min Workouts!

Today started off like any other Sunday. Logan wakes up and I give him to my mom so I can get my Sunday workout in. Josie works, so she cant watch him. I decided to give my body a break yesterday from a workout since I went 6 days without stopping to give my body rest from working out.
So after getting to the gym, I wanted to get my heart rate up, so I went on the big stair climber. I put it on level 6-7 for 20 minutes and just watched Youtube for my entertainment. (basketball, ultimate fighting, etc). Then I went on one of favorite cardio machines at my gym, the hybrid elliptical/stair stepper for about 10 min, resistance 15.
Then time for the hardest part of the workout. After watching Wanderli Silva on youtube train for his fight doing weights, plyometrics, sprints, and kickboxing WITH A SNORKLE ON! (gives him less oxygen to breathe so that his cardio vascular conditioning is bad ass)....I decided to kick my ass for the last 15min of my workout with circuit training. (training multiple body parts in 1 set of exercise)
15 x pullups, low cable squat rows, & push ups. My heart rate shot up to 175 bpm (beats per minute)! I did this for 3 sets with as little break in between. But as I did the 2nd & 3rd set, fatigue started to setttle in and my rest time was getting longer and longer. But my max heart rate was still 175+.
15 x Clean and Press w/ 75lbs & 10 pushup with 10lb dumbell rows. The first set shot my heart rate up only to 170bpm. But the second and third set killed me at 175-180bpm. At this point of my workout I was ready to throw up or pass out. I felt like I was wearing a snorkle with all the oxygen I was lacking. I knew it was time to slow down and time to end the workout after this set.

So after it was all said and done, I had burned 700 calories in only 45 min of working out! Till the next workout, Take It To the NEXT LEVEL!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Asian Food

I celebrated my first fathers day yesterday. It was a great feeling to finally be on the this side of the fence. I cannot be a happier person with my son Logan in my arms.
So for fathers day, the women in my family cooked for us. I was looking forward to a great steak with corn on the cobb and some drinks. But then to my suprise, I see filipino food for lunch and then chinese food for dinner! See, what had happened was my brother and dad were craving the filipino food and at night, my dad wanted to get egg drop soup for my sick brother. I am usually pretty good when I get to choose the meals, but I didnt have control of this situation. I didnt want to hurt the gals feelings so I decided to eat the food. Of course, trying to keep my portion size small is the goal. But with this kind of food, I swear that it makes you crave a drug.
After all is said and done, today I feel like crap. I know that I am retaining water weight and feel sluggish. Why does Asian/Filipino Food have to be so bad? I know that not all asian or filipino food is bad, but the good stuff is what is usually ordered.
Well I guess I have to bust my butt this week to take away the damage that was caused on my first fathers day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

800 calorie 1 hr workout

Today I got in a great 800 calorie workout with in 1 hour. Here is how I did it:

1. Warmed up body by doing push ups and step ups on the flat bench in weight room (2-3min)

2. Bench Press (135/ 185/ 185lbs) while super setting Shoulder Press (22.5lbs) & Bicep Curls with (22.5lbs x 3sets) ....(5-10min)

3. Flat Dumbell Bench Press (45/ 50/ 55lbs) superset with Dumbell Bicep Curl 20lbs x 3sets ...(5-10min)

4. Cable Machine Chest Fly (50lbs x 3 sets) superset with Crunches on Exercise Ball 20 reps x 3 sets

5. Stair Climber (actual stairs) for 25 min at Level 7. (MOST CALORIES BURNED HERE)

6. Elliptical Trainer for another 20 min at Level 15-16.

7. Quick Stretch and I was done!!!! 800 Calories Burned baby!!!! YOUR TURN! =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Journey to the O.C. Mudd Run

I am signed up for the O.C. Mud Run this upcoming July 18th. I am excited to do this event with so many other friends attending too. I am doing the 10k run while some others are doing the 5K run. Some things kinda concern me though. I know that the terrain is going to be different than some of the previous runs I have done since there are going to be obstacles in the way and also.....MUD...obviously!
One of my trainers Annette just did the Camp Pendelton Mud Run last week and told me all about her experience and I am feeling better about it now. You can check out her experience at
So now I am training differently for this run that past runs before. I know that just running will not help me do the obstacles better. So I have come up with a game plan for my run.

1. Run: Obviously I will have to run most of the 10K (6.6 miles)

2. Cross Training: This will consist of doing exercises with using body weight. For example: there will be a wall obstacle in my way, so I will have to do some pull ups on a pull up bar and also some rowing using the TRX System.

3. Stationary Bike Intervals: If you have ever run or biked for a long time, you will at some point develop a burning feeling in your legs that pervents you from going on. This is due to lactic acid that builds up in your legs from not having enough oxygen in your muscles. I find that doing the stationary bike will get me to this point of "burning feeling" in my legs without the shock of running.

4. Bleacher Runs/Hill Runs: This will be a great way to overcome and hills or elevated running that will be on the run. It also help develop a great strenth to my legs for the run.

5. Foam Roll/Massage: After all this running, lifting, & training; I will need to regenerate my body. So foam rolling will be great for my body to get some of the knots and sore muscles out of my body. You can order your own foam roller on my site shop.

Well that is my game plan for now. I will let you know how I do in a few weeks. Wish me luck!!!